August 1, 2011

Work Update.

I don't know why, but I have the blogging mojo back! A good thing thou. Yes? No?

A new post after 7 months!!! How awesome! I know, thankyou :D

Anyway, things have been going well for me. Met alot of new friends through my part time job. Nah, I'm not doing something big or anything, just working for events, roadshows, modelling during my sem break or whenever I'm free! :)

Working is fun, always fun. Just hate that part when I'm forced to put on heavy makeups. I do not enjoy putting heavy makeups like with thick foundation and lashes on! For me eyeliner, pinkish blusher ready, done and go! But well, I received complaints sometimes saying that I didn't put much makeup. *laughs* Cut that crap for now. Btw, working photos are up on my facebook, just in case some of my readers are not in my facebook friends' list, I will just post up some here. I'm just too nice and free.

Watsons Carnival with this abdorable kid! Well, he's my brother actually. *teeheee

Carlsberg Trade Launch Appreciation Night with these lovely babes

GLC Open Day, representing Axiata Group Berhad - with Meiyoke, a very friendly girl

Showgirls for PC expo

Well, there are more working pictures actually just I can't locate em' from my lappie at the moment. I'm not a systematic person you know :(

Promise, I will blog more often now. Charm of Tokyo Street next! Hugs&kisses x

January 10, 2011

New Year 2011

Hello everyone! Happy 2011! :)

Been to a few New Year countdowns but this time, something happened to me. The experience was horrendous, terribly frightening. Not only the crowd of party had swelled, the people were so rowdy. Even the spectacular fireworks did not lift up my spirits.

Should have followed plan A - to usher New Year at Hakka restaurant where we'd our New Year's dinner. How I hated the showers of confetti snow and the blaring noise from the mini-vuvuzelas, we'll think of another venue next year for sure - no more Bukit Bintang. Luckily, I'd an awesome companion for the night and that's most important, to usher in the New Year, a new start for both of us, especially for me - I will be starting my new varsity term in early January.
Oh btw, we drove down to Malacca before countdown just to take our lunch. Yay! :P


curry laksa

All time favourite!

Changed before going down to KL for dinner;

my love

we love to eat :)

On the next day (1st of Jan), rushed down to subang with the bf's family without putting up any makeup for breakfast. FOOD AGAIN. yumyum.


salads, his favourite

lovely boy

this is what I called, life :)

January 6, 2011

A joyous christmas!

Had a really great time this xmas, whyyy. Maybe because there's someone special (you know who) joining me for the first time for this celebration. It was his first time in church so I didn't expect him to understand the true meaning of nativity. But the tradition of exchanging gifts truly fascinated him. Awesome of him to buy a gift, wrap it nicely and place it secretly under the xmas tree without anyone's knowledge! I was quite impressed that he actually did that cause I tot he wasn't that smart in surprising. lolol :P

Only realized it after the stroke of midnight when we opened all our presents and one left unclaimed with no name and that's MINE! My first reaction;


And I smiled :) words from him melt my heart

He's so into my lil brother's toy gun and ditched me aside pfft!

A gift from him - L'occitaine (a limited edition of the white rose collection, love it!)

Prior to this, actually we just returned from a xmas buffet celebration at my uncle's place. Both of us wore red to match the dress code, red or green. The highlight of the games was - to dress up your partner as a Mummy with toilet rolls. What a waste :( but we had fun! A lot of fun. A very memorable xmas I would say :)

Pictures on the 24th eve;

Sunway's tastypot yumyummm

Then headed to bukit bintang for countdown;

Hi I'm short but I'm proud of myself :)


Pictures on the 25th xmas day!

Steamboat at his friend's place;

Dear munting

Then headed to my uncle's place, buffet dinner

GAME time!

Confused with all the toilet rolls

the winner of the night. good job! :)

louise cousin

December 30, 2010

Surprise has its Twist!

No one knows him like I do. But on that day he was different, he behaved rather strangely and I find him abit anxious, receiving so many endless smses just a distance away from me. That's when I started to suspect something was amiss. He drove me to Hakka Restaurant, nothing new. I dined here before and I love Hakka cuisine. Instead of dining outside in the open, in a spectrum of colors from the lights, overlooking the twin towers, he directed me to the dimly-lit, private room. And to my surprise, I was greeted by the gang.

When the lights turned off,


We'd a 10-course dinner, never expected that also. I guess with the look-good atmosphere, feel-good privacy and of course taste-good Hakka food, nobody would complain. Everything was so perfect. Don't know who was the mastermind, but thanks to my dearest one - Jun hoong for paying the bill and I got to keep all the presents. A perfect deal. And not only that, I got what I was looking for all this while, a Canon s95 from Him! A camera that takes good quality pictures almost like a DSLR but it's not bulky. Knowing me, I love to travel light :)

Part of the presents from my lovely friends and also my mom :)

so sweet of him

sueann and I

All pictures are taken by my new camera which I'm very satisfied with :) Well, I did not and DON'T edit photos so yeah, all pictures are really clear. I should stop complimenting my new camera :D